The expertise centre for securing and advancing the quality of examination.

RCEC, Research Centre for Examination and Certification, is the leading expertise centre for securing and advancing the quality of examination. As an audit organisation, we assess the quality of educational tests and exams. From our position as an advisory organisation and academy we support institutions in the formal school system and in the field of commercial education and in-service training with the construction, administration, scoring and evaluation of tests and exams. In this way we do justice to decisions by, about and for talent.

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Use the RCEC quality mark to demonstrate that your organisation offers tests and exams in accordance with the highest quality standards.

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We support your organisation with practical research, data-driven innovation and psychometric

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We offer intra-company and online
training tailored to your needs
on qualitative exams and applied psychometrics.

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Latest news

Report on visit to Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Thursday 21 April 2022

From 11 to 15 April 2022, RCEC’s Arnold Brouwer visited the Center for Pedagogical Measurements (CPM) under the Autonomous Educational Organisation ‘Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools’ (AEO-NIS) in Nur-Sultan in Kazakhstan. The visit was part of the current project of the RCEC accreditation of the NIS Student Selection System to demonstrate that it meets international quality standards

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RCEC in conversation with national newspaper Trouw about the final tests primary education 2022

Wednesday 20 April 2022

Following the publication of the State of Education 2022 by the Education Inspectorate and in the week when the final tests for primary education 2022 will be held, Arnold Brouwer was interviewed by the editorial staff Education & Nurture of the national newspaper Trouw. The interview focused on the research that RCEC recently carried out

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Research on the quality of the norming of the 2022 final tests for primary education

Saturday 19 March 2022

In the Netherlands there are several different primary education final tests that can be used: one Central Final Test is made available by the government and next to that several private providers offer a final test. Some time after the 2021 tests were normed, it was found that the norming of the Central Final Test

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