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We document the results of our work in both scientific publications and advisory reports. In this way, we contribute to the sharing of knowledge on qualitative examination and applied psychometrics. Below you will find some of our publications.

Toetsen op School (Dutch)

Dr. Piet Sanders is the author of Toetsen op School (Testing at School). This book series is about the development, use and quality of tests. Toetsen op School has been developed in consultation with field practitioners and was in the first instance meant for educational measurement students, but professionals from other fields can also benefit from it.

The series of Toetsen op School consists of a general introduction, supplemented by publications for primary education, secondary education, vocational education and higher education. Using the contact form below, you can request an e-book of one or more Dutch editions of the series.

Psychometrics in Practice at RCEC

Psychometrics plays an important role in the development of tests and exams. With statistical analyses and techniques, this scientific discipline contributes to securing and advancing the quality of examination.

Since its establishment in 2008, RCEC has contributed to research that provides a knowledge base for examination and psychometrics. Some of these studies have been bundled in the e-book Psychometrics in Practice at RCEC. This book was specially written for Dr. Piet Sanders, the founder and first director of RCEC, on the occasion of his retirement at Cito. Fill in the form below for a copy of this English e-book.

Eerste Hulp bij Toetsen (Dutch)

In order to support secondary school teachers in designing, administering and evaluating tests, RCEC has developed Eerste Hulp Bij Toetsen (First Aid for Tests). This booklet deals with important aspects of test quality and is based on the review study Quality of Tests within Reach (RCEC & Cito, 2014). You can request a copy of this e-book via the contact form below.

Theoretical and Practical Advances in Computer-based Educational Measurement

Professor Theo Eggen has dedicated almost all of his scientific career to applying psychometrical methods to solve practical problems in educational testing and to improve the quality of testing. Abroad, he is probably best known for his contributions to the item response theory (IRT) in general and to computerised adaptive testing in particular. Academics in the Netherlands, though, know that his scope has been much broader than that. Generically speaking, the main theme in his work is increasing the quality of educational measurement.

On the occasion of his retirement, ‘Theoretical and Practical Advances in Computer-based Educational Measurement’ as part of the Methodology of Educational Measurement and Assessment book series (MEMA) of Springer was published. This open access book presents a multitude of different, yet related, innovations in educational measurement and provides insight in their practical possibilities. All contributors to its 20 chapters have been working with Professor Eggen, either as close or remote colleagues, as (former) Ph.D. students, or both.

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