Integrated Educational Testing Solutions

We have noted that many types of educational testing or psychometric services are limited to the subsequent analysis of exam results. An integrated approach of the past, present and future is often lacking, which means that it is up to the professional to decide for him- or herself what can be done differently or better next time.

This is a missed opportunity, we think. There is so much more information that can be extracted from exam data. Information that not only explains, but also predicts. That's why we do it differently at RCEC. We provide integrated educational testing solutions by focussing on the entire testing cycle: from construction and administration to scoring and evaluation.

Independent, expert and efficient

RCEC is a fully independent advisory organisation. We do not develop our own educational tests; we only support institutions in the formal, non-formal and commercial education. With our practice-oriented research, data-driven innovation and psychometric services, we facilitate all steps of the testing cycle.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of educational measurement experts, researchers, data analysts, psychometric experts and certified auditors. We deploy the right mix of expertise tailored to your question and situation. Where necessary, we call on our international network of assessment and competence experts. This approach is reflected in an efficient working method, fast turnaround time and fair pricing.

A suitable answer to every question

No organisation and no question is the same. That is why we tailor the advice process to your specific situation. We start with an introductory meeting, without any obligation, in which we work with you to formulate a clear problem definition to improve the quality of your examination.

We make a distinction between four central objectives for the advice (assess, prove, secure and/or monitor the quality), which we apply to the appropriate target group(s), the examination product, the examination process, the examination professional and/or the public). From this starting point we focus on one, several or all steps of the testing cycle. In this way, we guarantee integrated educational testing solutions.


RCEC is involved in securing and advancing the quality of examination. We work for the formal and non-formal education fields, (commercial) exam developers, ministries, sector councils, knowledge centres and professional associations.

We document the results of our work both in scientific publications and in advisory reports. In this way, we contribute to the sharing of knowledge on the quality of examination and applied psychometrics. Here are some of our publications.

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