The expertise centre for the quality of examination

A lot depends on the results of an exam, test or assessment. The outcome determines whether a candidate is allowed to move on to the next round, whether he or she has passed a training course or whether he or she is eligible for a new position. Since examinations are the basis for important decisions, it is essential that they are approached correctly.

RCEC is committed to thorough examination. As an audit organisation, we assess and secure the quality of tests and exams. Our audits provide educators and exam providers with insight into the effectiveness of their exams and areas for improvement. Satisfactorily assessed examination programmes, products, and processes are awarded the official RCEC quality mark. This quality mark is independent proof that the examination meets the highest quality standards.

Through our advisory organisation and academy we contribute to quality promotion by sharing and increasing knowledge. We support institutions and professionals in the formal school system and in the field of commercial and in-service training with tailor-made advice and training in the field of examination.


RCEC started in 2008 as a collaboration between Cito and the Department of Research Methodology, Measurement and Data Analysis of the University of Twente. This gives us a solid theoretical foundation and a large network of certified auditors, data analysts and researchers from various departments and universities. In addition to this scientific basis, we also understand how things work in practice and apply our expertise to our clients’ individual situations.

At the beginning of 2018, Cito and the University of Twente stepped down as owners and administrators, and RCEC took the next step towards independence. We now serve the field as an independent scientific and international expertise centre.

International scientific network

We are part of a large international scientific network of assessment experts. Our multidisciplinary team consists of educational measurement experts, researchers, data analysts, psychometric experts and certified auditors.

Idealistic driven, professionally organised

Doing justice to decisions by, about and for talent, is important to us. That is why we are committed to careful examination. In doing so, we are professionally organised and work in accordance with the highest standards. This is how we guarantee quality.

Thorough work methods, personal approach

We connect theory and practice by tailoring the most recent and innovative insights from science to your specific situation.

Grow by sharing

The cooperation between you, the customer and our network of experts constantly leads to new insights. Insights that we like to share and which we want to be meaningful; this includes those for whom the possibilities for development are less obvious.

Our team

The RCEC staff consists of a multidisciplinary team of educational measurement experts, researchers, data analysts and psychometric experts. We collaborate with our associated researchers, certified auditors and alumni. This gives us the expertise to implement tailor-made solutions for a wide range of complex assessment challenges.

We have the quality of our work assessed internally by the RCEC Certification Board, which is formed by independent professors in the field of educational assessment. In addition, RCEC has its own Council of Inspiration. The members act as a sparring partner and ensure that RCEC professionals are and remain competent and service-oriented.