CBR & RCEC speak jointly at the NVE exam conference 2020

The aim of the Dutch Association for Examinations (NVE) is to promote the quality of the exam practice in the Netherlands. The NVE does this by developing standards and codes of conduct for exams, stimulating professional competence and expertise in exam practice and being there as a network organisation and source of information.

This year, the Exam Conference will be held on Thursday 5 March 2020. The location is again the beautiful Castle de Schaffelaar in Barneveld.

During the exam congress Emy van den Broek (CBR Driving Ability), Marieke de Bruijn (CBR Occupational Exams), Arnold Brouwer (RCEC) will give a presentation, entitled: Scientific assessment of practical exams.

Applying a quality assurance model to practical exams is quite unique. Have you always wanted to know how the quality of practical exams can be secured scientifically? During the exam conference you will get a glimpse of how one of the largest exam agencies in the Netherlands, Central Bureau for Driving Licences (CBR), applies this in cooperation with audit organisation RCEC.

During the presentation, attention will be paid to how an organisation can assess the quality of (practical) exams in a scientifically responsible manner. You will also be shown how quality policy is dealt with. Experiences, insights and results of the audits are shared.

You will also receive tips on how to implement the RCEC review system and audit process in your own organisation.

We look forward to meeting you on March 5th in Barneveld.

For more information about the Exam Congress 2020 (in Dutch): https://www.nvexamens.nl/inhoud-programma/