CBR & RCEC workshop at the NVE exam conference 2020

During the exam conference 2020 of the Ducth Association for Examinations (NVE), Emy van den Broek (Central Bureau for Driving Licences [CBR]), Marieke de Bruijn (CBR) and Arnold Brouwer (RCEC) jointly gave a presentation entitled: The CBR practical exams and the RCEC review system.

In the beautiful Van Essen salon of Castle de Schaffelaar in Barneveld it was illustrated how CBR and RCEC work together to secure and advance the exam quality. After a short introduction about the RCEC review system, the CBR organisation was presented. Together with the audience, the audit of the practical driving exam for the car was extensively discussed.

We look back on a very successful day and thank the NVE for the perfectly organised congress!