In memoriam Dr Piet F. Sanders

On 3 January 2023, Dr Piet F. Sanders passed away. Piet was one of the founders and the first director of the Research Centre for Examination and Certification. With his rich wealth of knowledge and insight, he meant a lot to assuring and advancing the quality of examination in the Netherlands and far beyond. From 1977 to 2012, he worked at Cito. During these years, Piet published in international journals such as Psychometrika and Applied Psychological Measurement. With his department OPD, he wrote the masterpiece ‘Psychometrics in Practice’ together with Prof Theo J.H.M. Eggen. Piet was also author and editor of the Dutch series ‘Tests at School ‘. He worked as an honorary professor at UVA for a number of years, was chairman of the Dutch Association for Examinations, was a board member of the VOR and was also a member of the COTAN. Since his retirement, Piet was active as a principal advisor to RCEC, always willing to share his knowledge and advice.

We wish Piet’s loved ones much strength to bear this loss. We will continue to remember Piet as an inspired and sincere man who, in his own unique way, has meant a great deal to RCEC and to the quality of examination in the Netherlands.