Investigation into unwanted predictability in images of Central Bureau for Driving Licences theory exams

RCEC has again investigated predictability in the item banks of car, motorbike and moped theory exams. This time, the study analysed the characteristics of thousands of images.

No unwanted predictability

The aim of this study was to detect unwanted predictability in the image features, such as road users, colours and road layout. From the research, we can conclude that these do not occur in the theory exams for the car, motorbike and moped. The investigation does not give rise to any measures for the Central Bureau for Driving Licences (CBR). However, RCEC did advise to expand the questions in different question formats. This advice will be followed by CBR. In addition, CBR continues to randomise the order of answers during the exam so that this does not lead to unwanted predictability. Candidates will therefore not encounter unwanted predictability in the images when taking a theory exam. RCEC’s research shows that based on predictability in the images alone, theory exams cannot be passed with a satisfactory result without knowledge and understanding.

Follow-up research on text

RCEC will also investigate unwanted predictability in the texts of the questions. This research is expected to be conducted in autumn 2023.

For more information, see the news report on the CBR website.