RCEC review systems en whitepaper

RCEC has developed a unique system for an objective and expert assessment of the quality of examinations. The RCEC review system is scientifically based and contributes to the substantive, organisational and psychometric quality of the examination process and examination product: from construction and administration to scoring and evaluation.

The RCEC review system is initially intended for certified RCEC auditors to evaluate the quality of tests and exams. In addition, those involved with examination can use the RCEC review system to construct and improve their tests and exams according to the RCEC quality standards. It can also be used to help the users of tests and exams such as teachers, schools, commercial/in-service training and examination committees to assess and select the best quality tests and exams.

There are several types of tests and exams, each of which requires its own specific assessment. That is why we offer three variants of our review system. So there is always one that suits your situation.

  1. RCEC review system for the quality of paper and digital study tests and of (practical) exams
  2. RCEC review system for the quality of oral exams
  3. RCEC review system for the quality of simulator exams

The different variants of the RCEC review system can be requested through our website. This first step makes the contents available to you and gives you an overview of the operation of the whole review system. It’s a practical guide to constructing your exams.

For more information about the theoretical background of the review system, our white paper ‘RCEC Review System for the Quality of Examination’ is available. You can also request this through our website.