CBR practical driving exam for the car gets quality mark RCEC

‘Degree of difficulty is adjusted to the target group’.

The CBR practical driving exam for the car has received important recognition. The exam meets all the criteria of RCEC, the leading expertise centre for securing and advancing the quality of examination in the Netherlands.

At the request of CBR, RCEC conducted research into the quality of the practical driving exam for the car. In addition to the psychometric aspects of the exam, substantive and organisational aspects were also involved. The exam scores sufficiently or good on all the criteria examined.

The data analysis of approximately 3,800 practical exams taken at 3 examination centres shows that the degree of difficulty of the exam is adjusted to the target group. In addition, it makes little or no difference whether you are driving in or out of rush hour, or in winter or summer. Furthermore, a random sample in which exams were assessed by two examiners shows that the final evaluation (passed/failed) of the examiners always corresponded.

CBR considers the quality of its exam products to be of great importance. In order to contribute to this, CBR works on, among other things, uniform exams, an evaluation that is as objective as possible and continuous analysis of exams. In 2018, RCEC carried out a first inventory audit of the practical driving exam for the car, followed by the formal audit in 2019.

The RCEC quality mark for the practical driving exam for the car is valid until 1 January 2023. In order to continue to monitor the quality of the exam, an intermediate control audit will be carried out in 2021.

Read more on the website of the Central Bureau for Driving Licences (in Dutch).