Meet the new RCEC

Last January we made a step towards independence with RCEC, Research Centre for Examination and Certification. This was a logical continuation of our growing role as an expert and auditor, and the increasing demand for independence from the field. We are now more than a year on. A year in which we have grown rapidly and, together with many fine clients, have worked on the quality of exams. It is now high time to put ourselves on the map. Today we proudly present our new corporate identity and new website.

About us

RCEC, Research Centre for Examination and Certification, is the centre of expertise for securing and advancing the quality of examinations.

As an audit organisation, we assess the quality of tests and exams. We are involved in the assessment and certification of large Dutch examination systems, both within formal education, falling under the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, and for non-formal education, such as the autonomous administrative authorities set up by the different ministries.

We are also a fully independent advisory organisation. We do not develop our own tests or exams, but are exclusively there to support institutions in regular education and professional practice with integrated educational testing advice. With our practice-oriented research, data-driven innovation and psychometric services, we focus on the entire testing cycle: from construction and administration to scoring and evaluation.

We share the knowledge and experience that we have gained, and are still gaining, during our existence through our academy. We offer various forms of training, focused on the quality of tests and exams and applied psychometrics. We do this through open enrolment, intra-company tailor-made courses and online through our learning management system. In this way we do justice to decisions by, about and for talent.

In addition, we are working on a practice-oriented learning line called the Educational Testing Expert. The learning line is specially developed for professionals in practice who want to improve their skills in testing expertise in addition to their daily work. The programme will last six months and will be offered partly in class and partly online. You can request more information via the website.

Our experts

RCEC consists of a multidisciplinary team of test experts, researchers, data analysts and psychometric experts. We work together with our associated researchers, certified auditors and alumni. This gives us the expertise to carry out tailor-made solutions for a wide range of assessment problems.

Unique in the Netherlands

In our new set-up, we are the only player in the Netherlands that has taken up this expert role across the entire field and is not limited to a specific type of education. We always work from our scientific base, combined with more than ten years of experience and a network of the best experts in the field.

Where to find us

We work from our branch at the University of Twente in Enschede. In addition, we will soon be opening an office in the centre of Apeldoorn. You will receive more news about this in the near future.

Stay informed

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For more information, feel free to call or e-mail us with your question or fill in the form. Do you prefer an appointment? Please contact us for a free consultation, in which we will discuss your needs and see what is the most suitable solution for your situation.

On behalf of RCEC,

Dr. A.J. (Arnold) Brouwer, Directeur